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Terance Frazier

Managing Member
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If you would like to schedule a meeting with Mr. Frazier, please contact his assistant, Kimberly Ortiz, at 559-486-1056.

Terance Frazier was born in Oakland, California. He received a B.S. in Criminal Justice, while playing baseball at Fresno State. Mr. Frazier’s hard work and skill led the Fresno State Baseball team to win the championship three years in a row. In 1992, he was drafted by the Oakland Athletics and a few years later played with the St. Paul Saints of Minnesota.


Upon his retirement from professional baseball, Mr. Frazier returned to Fresno to pursue his interest and passion of real estate investment. In 1996, he partnered with Mr. Steve Hosey to establish a real estate investment company with a focus in acquisition of distressed single family homes. This venture took off and with growth came diversification of investments.


Mr. Frazier’s experience and expertise allowed him to grow his personal business. In 2004, he established TFS Investments, LLC, where he serves as the Managing Member. With a passion for improving neighborhoods in the inner city, Mr. Frazier continued to invest in renovations of distressed single and multi-family housing in the city of Fresno. TFS Investments, LLC currently invests in approximately 100 residential properties per year and has invested in approximately 10,000 over the last 20 years. Identifying the needs that exist in the inner city, he continued to grow his venture by diversifying his investments and entering into partnerships with other local developers to build large commercial projects like Campus Pointe and Midstate Bowl.


Today, the company specializes in all areas of residential and commercial real estate, with an extensive portfolio that not only includes Central California, but also Texas and Georgia. TFS Investments, LLC has steered over $600,000,000 in investment dollars from a large investment group over the last 20 years to the Fresno market. Due to Mr. Frazier’s experience and relationships in the development world he has been successful in developing projects that have given synergy to initiatives like the revitalization of Downtown Fresno. These projects include condominiums, retail stores, and office spaces. His vision for a revitalized Downtown Fresno has generated much interest from local and out of state investors. Mr. Frazier is part of the group of investors developing condominiums that will oversee the Chuckchansi Park and a Public Market that will be an anchor and centerpiece of the new Fulton Street in Downtown Fresno. TFS Investments, LLC has positioned itself to be one of the largest investors committed to seeing Downtown Fresno become an entertainment hub for the Central Valley.


Mr. Frazier is also the President of Central Cal Baseball Academy (Central Cal), a non-profit which he founded in 1997. Central Cal focuses on the development and mentoring of student-athletes in an environment that encourages sportsmanship and academics. The non-profit is committed to mentoring at-risk youth and ensuring that cost is not an obstacle to motivated players. Central Cal emphasizes academic achievement, substance abuse education, and community service. The non-profit has a track record of 100% high school graduation, sends kids to college and the major leagues.


Mr. Frazier has five children and is very active in his community. He serves on State Center Community College District (SCCCD) Foundation Board, SCCCD Executive Committee, Dugout Club, Fresno State Alumni Association, Southwest Community Development Corporation, Mayor-Council Code Enforcement Task Force, Fresno State Alumni Engagement Committee, and is President of the Fresno State Baseball Alumni Association.


Mr. Frazier has received many accolades and recognition for his personal success, but also for the commitment to improving the community. In 2011, Senator Michael Rubio (ret.) recognized recognized him as Man of the Year in the State of California.


Other awards and accomplishments include: Businessman of the year by the National Republican Congressional Committee, NAACP’s Image Award for Business, 2015 Fresno County Office of Education Athletics Honoree, 2015 SCCC Wall of Honor Inductee, Economic Development Award from the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority (San Joaquin Valley Alumnae Chapter), 2015 Urban Leadership Champion in Entertainment and Business and the 2016 Success in Real Estate and Construction Award (both were presented by the Fresno Metro Black Chamber of Commerce). Most recently, he was recognized for his 20-year service to helping at-risk kids reach their full potential through the sport of baseball.

TFS Investments LLC

  • TFS Investments LLC – Owner and Managing Member – Mr. Frazier is responsible for hiring staff, reviewing the information gathered by the employees, evaluating decisions to purchase properties. He also approves any relocations assistance contracts to former property owners. He also negotiates and approves contracts between TFS Investments LLC and general contracts for work to be performed on various projects. Mr. Frazier enters into listing agreements with brokers to market and sell the properties. Mr. Frazier is responsible for acquiring investment capital.

TFS Texas Investments LLC

  • TFS Texas Investments LLC – Owner and Managing Member – Mr. Frazier is responsible for acquiring the property and all entitlements necessary to develop a mixed use project. He hires all architects, designers, and engineers. Mr. Frazier has formed a joint venture partnership to assist in developing the project. He also acquires the funding necessary to ensure the projects’ success. Mr. Frazier currently manages the residential units on the site.

Frazier Commercial Properties

  • Frazier Commercial Properties – Owner and Managing Member – The Company was originally formed as a public-private partnership with the City of Fresno. Mr. Frazier acquired a property through the Fresno Redevelopment Agency whereby Mr. Frazier did have the structure on site demolished, and sought all entitlements necessary for the development of a commercial shopping center. He is also in charge of negotiating the lease of the property with prospective tenants.

Noyan-Frazier Properties

  • Noyan-Frazier Properties – Owner and Managing Member – Mr. Frazier was the financer to assist in the purchase of commercial properties.

Granite Investment Group

  • Granite Investment Group – Owner and Managing Member – Mr. Frazier was the financer to assist in the purchase of a commercial property located in the Palm Bluffs corporate center.

Thaler Investment LLC

  • Thaler Investment LLC – Shareholder and Consulting Advisor – Mr. Frazier does advise and consult the company with their distressed real estate assets. He also directs the company about up-and-coming markets to invest in, as well as current investment opportunities. Mr. Frazier does travel to attend a bi-annual meeting and deliver a real estate forecast of market predictions.

Slamwich Company LLC

  • Slamwich Company LLC – Owner and Financer – Mr. Frazier is currently funding a sandwich shop franchise to be located next to Fresno State University. He has negotiated the lease, worked with design professionals and is the financing source for this venture.

Skies Unlimited

  • Skies Unlimited – Owner – Mr. Frazier is the owner of a Cessna 421, which he researched then purchased as a cost effective means to expand his businesses and manage his properties in other States. Mr. Frazier is responsible for the management and maintenance of the plane, payroll of 1 staff member and all air plane and hangar dues.

Central Cal Baseball Academy

  • Central Cal Baseball Academy – CEO & Founder – Mr. Frazier has a passion for baseball and created an academy to help low income baseball players to have an equal opportunity to gain exposure to college coaches and professional scouts. He a coach and mentor to the athletes, teaching life skills and implementing training programs and promotes a positive mental approach to the game. Mr. Frazier is the financier, soliciting donations and preparing travel arrangements, leading fund raising events and any task that needs to be done to ensure the success of his teams. Mr. Frazier instills in his players a sense of community, insisting and coordinating his teams volunteer at the Poverello House, Parks and Recreation department, schools etc. to teach his mentees the value of giving back to the community.

Baseball Experience

Player-Oakland A’s Organization (1992 –1994)

Player-St. Paul Saints (Independent League) (1994-1995)

Head Softball Coach-Sierra Vista Elementary School, Madera, CA (1995-1996)

Assistant Varsity Baseball Coach-San Joaquin Memorial High School (1997-2000)

Assistant Varsity Baseball Coach-Edison High School (2000-2001)

Assistant Varsity Baseball Coach-Clovis East High School (2004-2006)



Named 2011 Business Man of the Year by Senator Michael Rubio

National Republican Congress Business Man of the Year

NAACP Image Award for Business

Commendations from: The City of Fresno, Mayor Alan Autry, Central Valley Business Incubator, North Fresno Lion’s Club and the Facility Committee of Fresno Unified

Current member of State Center Community College Finance Committee

Past member of the Chief Advisory Board

TFS is an innovative firm that specializes in all aspects of real estate investments and services. Our firm provides real estate investment opportunities for those seeking to develop in the Central Valley. For over 20 years, our firm has been successfully implementing strategies to revitalize the inner city and attract large investment groups to fund commercial residential projects.

TFS Investments