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TFS Investments prides itself in rebuilding one neighborhood at a time and bringing economic opportunities to distressed neighborhoods. We are about the community; we value its history and the character of older neighborhoods. Our reputation has been built on providing the under-served population of the Central Valley with safe and affordable quality housing opportunities and innovative plans to help strengthen our urban core.


Our team has renovated over 1,000 homes in the last two decades. And, has invested in the building of over 500,000 square feet of commercial and residential development. We not only create attractive innovative commercial and residential investment opportunities, but also add to the economic growth that helps improve the quality of life in all neighborhoods.


TFS Investments is at the forefront of helping transform cities in the Central Valley, in particular areas like the Downtown of Fresno. Each residential and commercial investment made by TFS Investments has an effect on the urban core and improves it greatly; it helps make a difference in our community, which is what we strive to do.

TFS is an innovative firm that specializes in all aspects of real estate investments and services. Our firm provides real estate investment opportunities for those seeking to develop in the Central Valley. For over 20 years, our firm has been successfully implementing strategies to revitalize the inner city and attract large investment groups to fund commercial residential projects.

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